Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Meet The Comics

For our premier episode we went to the Sunday showcase at Punchline San Francisco. This legendary show can't be beat for seeing the best comics in Northern CA and great touring comics as well. Click on the name of any of the comics below to visit their Facebook page.

Greg Edwards

Greg Edwards is always edgy and even his riff on something as seemingly innocuous as Toyota's recent troubles ends up being the clip that will probably keep a few of the more sensitive radio shows from wanting anything to do with us. We love you for it Greg. Might as well get it out right at the top, let 'em know where we're coming from. 

Greg performs in Bay Area clubs almost nightly. Get out and see him would ya.

Red Wagner Scott

We caught Red on his first time going up at Punchline's Sunday and he killed it (that means he did good mom). 
Jason Wheeler

Fearless San Francisco Bay Area comic Jason Wheeler combines social critique and story telling beautifully and hilariously. He is one of a kind and so long as the x-ray tech doesn't kill him we hope he'll be a regular here on comedy correspondent.

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